About Us

Casual Ts Premium Apparel and Souvenirs is a family owned and operated Alberta business. We saw an opportunity to offer products for the transportation enthusiasts.  We are licensed by Canadian Pacific and negotiations are pending for others.  We noticed that there was no one hitting the mark on unique customer inspired train and car apparel, so we decided to create our own designs with you in mind.

One thing we love is your individuality – we want to help you show it off, do your thing and look fantastic at the same time.

We made our debut in 2015 at car and train shows and have developed an online store for your convenience.  Everything we do revolves around you! We love to know what YOU LIKE and provide you with choices.  We have a passion for various transportation experiences, it’s a family thing. We get inspiration from shows, you, the real world and the new and fun.

We are building something that Canadians want and enjoy being a part of. Check us out, either at a show or online while relaxing in your favorite chair.

Talk to you soon,

Rob and Valerie