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Are you a train or car enthusiast?  Does the hum of an engine send your blood racing?  Me too! 

I noticed that there isn't much in the way of quality t-shirts, caps, hoodies, coffee mugs, etc. that have a great look and make us feel happy to use or wear them.

Enter Casual Ts Premium Apparel & Souvenirs.  Rob does the designs and artwork for all of our lines.  Right now we have licensing through Canadian Pacific and negotiations are in the works from others.  It's so exciting!

Where do the designs come from?  YOU!  When we're chasing trains and meet fellow railfans, when we go to shows, museums or cruising social media; we get to meet interesting people like yourself.  You may mention a favourite memory or share a joke or meme and our creative sparks start flying.

All of our designs are original artwork and our design, printing, and shipping are all done from our company here in Alberta, Canada.  No drop shipping, no passing it to someone in a far off place.  This gives us quality control to make your item when you order it, for YOU!

What are you going to see in future blog posts?  Oh, so much!  We'll be working with Rob Jr. from Ghost Pine Film Productions showing his documentary style train and hobby videos, tours of shows and museums, model railroading tips, tips on how to get a longer life out of your apparel and more!

Feel free to send us ideas.  If we use your idea in a future blog post, we'll send you a free t-shirt of your choice.

Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook and we'll see you soon!


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